Episode 9: How To Hire The Right Attorney

Choosing the right financial advsior devin carroll

You need a lawyer, and there are so many choices!  How can you choose?

An attorney is a key part of your retirement planning team.  Finding the right partner is important.  But there are several challenges to finding the right person for your specific situation.

First, you have to understand the market for lawyers.  How can the current glut of lawyers be dangerous for you?

Then, you need to sort through the many lawyers to discover which one fits your needs.  What are your needs?  And how do you find someone who can fill those needs?

Highlights include:

  • Why there are so many lawyers out there, and why they’re so eager to help you with your retirement planning needs,
  • The four corners of retirement planning,
  • Why you need more than just estate planning,
  • Why age matters, and
  • Where to look for the right attorney for you.

Then, we talk about the important questions that you need to ask yourself and a potential attorney.  This includes:

  • areas of practice,
  • succession planning,
  • cost and billing practices, and
  • written engagement agreements.

With so many lawyers available, the options can be overwhelming.  This episode will give you a method to find the right attorney for you and your retirement plan.