Episode 86: Rental Real Estate for Retirement Income

Retirement income from rental property

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This week, Devin and John talk about using rental properties for retirement income. Usually, when you look at the total income that they’re pulling in, it’ll catch your eye. Is rental real estate a good choice for retirement income for you?

Let’s go through some of the benefits of rental property:

First, is the tax benefits. There are a couple of different ways in which you can get a tax benefit from your rental property – your situation will vary depending on a couple of different things.

Second, you can make pretty good income if you choose your properties wisely.

Of course, there are some significant disadvantages of rental real estate:

  • You’re not liquid. You can’t just cash out a house. If you need
  • Many variables in real estate are outside your control: the real estate market, vacancies, bad tenants, etc.
  • It requires a considerable amount of time and energy.

Two other ways you can invest in real estate: corporate-backed rentals, and short-term rentals.

Resources mentioned in this show:

Short-Term Rental University

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