Episode 8: Listener’s Questions

questions from listeners of Big Picture Retirement Podcast

We all know that retirement planning is complicated, and there are a million things that need to be explained.  This week, Devin and Jon answer listener questions about Social Security benefits and powers of attorney.

First, questions about the Social Security earnings limit.  Topics include:

  • How much can I earn while on Social Security?
  • What counts as income while you’re receiving Social Security benefits?
  • How much will my benefit be decreased?
  • What happens to that money?

Then, we talk about powers of attorney.  Topics include:

  • Who needs a power of attorney?
  • What a power of attorney does and does not do.
  • When should you create a power of attorney?
  • What other documents should you also have?

With great stories and surprising answers, the Big Picture Retirement show pulls together all the parts you need to put together to create the retirement you want.