Episode 68: Roger Whitney on Living Well Today While Planning For Tomorrow

roger whitney

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In this week’s episode, Devin and John welcome back Roger Whitney, talking about his approach to retirement and his new book, Rock Retirement.

Retirement in the future is going look different from retirement that we’ve seen in decades past. Unfortunately, today’s typical retirement planning strategy is still structured for the old image of retirement. Saving and investing to reach some magic number works for old-style retirements, but they don’t paint the whole picture for the modern retirement model

Roger explains the reasons why retirement has changed, and how your retirement plans should be different from folks who retired in the past. If you use the traditional criteria that does the math to see if you have saved and invested enough, you’ll almost always determine that you can’t retire. This means that you’ll either need to increase your savings rate, work longer, or settle for less later on. None of those options are good!

Today’s retirees need to use a very different approach to retirement planning. This includes finding advisors, like Devin and John, who think more multi-dimensionally. They can help you find the balance between living well today while planning for tomorrow.

Highlights include:

The five reasons why retirement is structurally different now

The “Zig and Mary” model of retirement

What you need to ask in the Facebook group (it’s at the end of the show)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

You can find Roger’s new book at RockRetirementBook.com, Amazon, all the stores

The Retirement Answer Man podcast

Roger’s previous visit to the Big Picture Retirement podcast

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