Episode 44: Psychology, Passive Income, and Your Freedom Number With Clayton Morris

This week, Devin invited Clayton Morris to talk about his voyage to success.  Clayton is a successful real estate investor, author, and the former weekend anchor of Fox and Friends on The FOX News Channel.

Clayton was shaped by the money experiences of his childhood, particularly his father’s job loss.

After some financial challenges, Clayton and his wife decided to figure out how to build an income that isn’t tied to their jobs working for someone else.  They decided to buy rental properties to create income to cover their monthly income needs, what Clayton calls his “freedom number.”

Highlights include:

The importance of figuring out how much money you need each month

How real estate might be part of the right solution to meet your freedom number

Resources mentioned in this show:

Morris Invest website

Investing in Real Estate podcast with Clayton Morris

Freedom Number cheat sheet and instructions

Devin and John’s free ebook: www.bigpictureretirement.net/steps

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