Episode 39: Planning Your Digital Afterlife

protecting your digital afterlife

This week’s episode of Big Picture Retirement is fascinating and so important!  Join Devin and John as they talk about your digital presence, like online accounts, social media, and tech accounts.  Most of us have a whole world of digital stuff out there, and some of it is important.  You need a plan for how your survivors will access these accounts, whether you are disabled or dead.

As our world becomes more and more digital, it becomes more important that your survivors, heirs and executors can access certain online accounts.  This may include bank accounts, email, electronic document storage, insurance policies, and many other types of accounts.

When you sign up for all these accounts, you agree to the terms and conditions.  Typically, these terms and conditions make it really hard for your survivors to access your accounts.  Some states are passing laws about what information is available to the people you appoint to handle your affairs, but they don’t solve all the problems.  So, it’s up to you to make sure your digital stuff is handled after your incapacity or death.

Your “to do” list:

  • Create an inventory of all your digital stuff.
  • Use a password manager.
  • Put your estate planning documents online, and give the location and password to your appointees.
  • Check with your online accounts to see if you can designate a legacy contact.
  • Include information about your digital assets in your estate planning documents.

Highlights include:

  • Why your estate planning documents should be reviewed regularly even if your personal situation hasn’t changed
  • Is your executor tech-savvy and will they be able to handle your digital affairs?
  • What’s on Devin’s Snapchat account

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