Episode 32: Why Women Need Better Financial Advice with guest Russ Thornton

women and finance

Women often have different financial needs than men, and even more when there has been a change in their marital situation.

This week, Devin and John talk with Russ Thorton of Wealthcare for Women.  Russ works with financial planning for women, with a particular emphasis on women in transition.   Whether through death or divorce, newly single women may need special advice and expertise to move forward financially.

Highlights include:

Where you should start figuring out your money:  where are you financially?  This includes investments, expenses, insurance coverage, estate plans, taxes, and everything else.

How it helps to have help from someone who is not emotionally involved in the situation.

When hearing about your friend’s situation can do more harm than good.

Why you need to trust your gut.

How to find the right financial advisor for you.

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