Episode 31: What Veterans Need to Know About Their Benefits

benefits for wartime veterans


Many current retirees have a background of military service.  Benefits from military service can become a big part of the retirement planning picture, but it can be hard to know what benefits are available and how you can use them.  In this week’s episode, Devin and John talk about military-related benefits and how to get information about them.

You can break down most military benefits into one of three categories:  retirement benefits, service-connected disability benefits, and non-service connected disability benefits.

Retirement benefits are earned through career of military service, generally more than 20 years.  Retirement benefits include lifetime income and Tricare health coverage.

Service-connected disability benefits are available for those who are disabled as the result of their military service.  In addition to the benefits available from the Department of Veterans Affairs, there may be benefits available from your state or local government.  One important thing to note:  many times, the disability that was acquired while you were in the military may not show itself for many years.

Non-service-connected disability benefits are available to veterans who require care for a disability that has no relationship to your military service.  Usually called “aid and attendance benefit,” or improved pension.  It is there for people who need help with their care, and provides monthly income.

If you have served our country through military service, understanding your benefits is an important part of your overall financial plan.  Please share this information with your military friends and family!

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