Episode 30: Second Marriages and Blended Finances

2 marriages and your finances

This week’s episode is full of useful information and fascinating stories about one of the most complicated family situations:  second marriages.

There is so much to consider:  social security benefits, pensions, other benefits, children, houses, long-term care insurance, and much more.

Steps you need to take before you have a second, or subsequent, marriage:

  • Take a good look at the person you are marrying, including their financial situation.
  • Consider your current situation, including any benefits that come from your previous marriage.
  • Meet with an experienced, knowledgeable estate planner to explore all of the possibilities.

Highlights include:

  • How community property states are different.
  • Why a prenuptial agreement is a good idea, especially for second and later marriages.
  • The most overlooked aspect of financial planning for second marriages.  You don’t want to miss this!

You won’t want to miss a minute of the conversation about this oh-so-important topic.

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