Episode 29: Listener Questions About Inheritance, and Giving Money To Adult Children

In this month’s Listener Questions episode, Devin and John help listeners with questions about disinheriting spouses, and not giving money to their adult children.

The first question is from Don, who asks, “Can I disinherit my wife?”  As you might suspect, the answer is not straightforward.  There are state laws, there are ways to get around state laws, and there are rules for specific situations.

Highlights include:

  • How Louisiana is special
  • Why state laws protect surviving spouses
  • Why your company retirement plan may not care what the law says
  • How your spouse can probably receive a share of your estate even if your will says otherwise
  • How a property agreement, like a pre-nuptial agreement, can override the law

The next questions is from Kim, who asks, “How do I tell my adult kids that I’m not giving them money?”  It’s tough, because saying “no” may come with some consequences that you don’t want.

Highlights include:

  • Why you should say no, even if you don’t absolutely have to
  • Some strategies for saying no

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Free ebook:  www.bigpictureretirement.net/steps

Big Picture Retirement Episode 21:  Naming Beneficiaries

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