Episode 18: 9 Social Security Basics That EVERYONE Should Know-Part 2

social security basics part 2

Social Security is a lot easier to understand if you know about 9 basic concepts.  In the last episode, we talked about these four topics:

  1. Social Security credits
  2. Calculating your benefits
  3. Your full retirement age
  4. The earnings limit

This week, Devin and John finish up the list with:

  1. Length of marriage rules
  2. Why there are different benefit amounts, and how you can get the higher one
  3. Spousal benefits, including Medicare
  4. Survivor benefits, including Medicare
  5. Social Security taxes

Highlights include:

  • Qualifying for divorced spouse benefits.
  • How the spouse’s “one-half” benefit isn’t taking away from your benefit.
  • What is a Social Security tax torpedo, and do you need to be worried about it?
  • What is  provisional income?

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Big Picture Retirement, Episode 17:  9 Social Security Benefits

Devin’s Social Security Intelligence blog, and this article:  Social Security Survivor Benefits: The Complete Guide to Who Gets What and How to Calculate It

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