Episode 11: Living a Full Life Today While Planning for the Future with guest Roger Whitney

balancing today with tomorrowStruggling to find balance between saving for retirement and enjoying life today?  You’re not alone.  It is hard to take care of tomorrow and still live well today.

Roger Whitney, engaging host of the Retirement Answer Man podcast and author of the Retirement Answer Man blog, shares his thoughts about living a full life while still planning for the future.

Highlights include:

  • why it’s about more than saving and investing,
  • the two big levers, and which one is more important,
  • how you can get value from creating experiences,
  • why you should change how you think about retirement,
  • what you can do to bridge the gap between full-time work and my grandparent’s retirement, and
  • how to loosen up and enjoy life.

Retirement is changing, and the way we think of retirement needs to adjust. Roger Whitney has great insights and perspective on how you can find the right balance, without making yourself crazy.

Resources in this episode include:

The Retirement Answer Man podcast

The Retirement Answer Man podcast Episode 70, via iTunes, Don’t Miss Your Life While Planning For Retirement