Episode 10: Get Organized

get organized

Can you put your hands on important paperwork within a few minutes?  Could someone else find this information if they need it?

Once you’ve put together your retirement team, you’re going to want to get to work.  But before you can actually do anything, you’ll need to know where you are right now.  This might take a little effort, but getting organized will make the rest of your tasks so much easier.  Sometimes, that seems overwhelming.  Let us help you!

We’ve broken it down into seven doable steps.  Don’t worry – you don’t need to take notes, because we’ve also explained it all in the blog post Get Organized: How To Improve Your Chances For A Successful Retirement.  But before we get started, here’s a warning:  don’t get bogged down in the details.  We’re looking for the big picture here.

  1. Figure out your net worth.
  2. Inventory your insurance coverage.
  3. Streamline your accounts.
  4. Automate and go paperless.
  5. Verify your Social Security record.
  6. Make a retirement budget.
  7. Create a master file.

This episode is packed with great perspective and tips for setting up a system that will work for you, and for anyone who might be helping you in the future.  Once you’ve done all this, you’re going to know where you stand, and what type of progress you need to make.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Big Picture Retirement

Get Organized: How To Improve Your Chances For A Successful Retirement