Episode 27: AgeProof – Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip

Today, Devin interviews Jean Chatzky, author of multiple books and the financial editor of NBC’s Today show.  Her latest book, AgeProof, talks about balancing your health and your wealth.  She shares some habits that can help you thrive, both financially and physically.


Working with a partner can help you meet your financial goals and your health goals.  A running partner will motivate you to get out even when you don’t feel like it.  Find a money partner to help you meet your financial goals.


We know that saving money works best is when we put it on automatic pilot.  Do the same thing with your health!  Schedule your workouts.  Have two or three healthy, simple meals that you can just grab out of the refrigerator without thinking.


Small tweaks can turn bad habits into good habits.  We’ve all heard that you should swap out home-brewed coffee for expensive coffee shop habits.  How can you do the same thing with your health?  Rather than convincing yourself to quit a bad habit, figure out how you can adjust it.


  • Jean’s thoughts on how much money you should have saved for retirement
  • The amount of health care costs that you might be able to control
  • What you can do instead of surfing Facebook
  • How retirement life looks different than what we might have imagined
  • The real age test

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Jean’s website:

Jean’s podcast:  Her Money

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