John Ross

Hi, I’m John Ross

After being raised in Central Texas, I spent four years in the United States Marine Corps infantry.  I returned to Central Texas after the Corps where I taught horse riding to people with disabilities while I finished a degree in Accounting.  After graduation, I moved off to Lubbock Texas to attend Texas Tech School of Law where I graduated with honors a semester early.

Soon after graduation I recognized that the legal profession was completely failing to address the legal aspects of retirement planning.  Sure, any attorney with a valid license would probably prepare a Will, but what good did that Will do to cover the $60,000.00 per year cost of Alzheimer’s disease that plagued that person for 10 years before their death.  I knew that people needed to know how to plan for their LIFE, long before they started planning for their death.  So, I started the Ross & Shoalmire, LLP law firm ( with a brilliant attorney named Lisa Shoalmire who shared my vision.  Together we knew we combine areas of health, housing, finance and law to help people avoid nursing homes, remain independent and preserve their retirement assets.

And we did it!  From the meager beginnings of me and Lisa and a couple of laptop computers, to multiple offices that have assisted tens of thousands of people across the country, we have ensured the best quality of life for our clients and built reputations as national leaders in the legal aspects of retirement.  In addition to our firm, Lisa and I host a radio and television program as well as publish a magazine, all under the heading Aging Insight.


If you are looking for guidance on how to navigate the web of health, housing, financial and legal issues so that you can protect and preserve all that you’ve worked for, you can email the Ross & Shoalmire, LLP firm directly at